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Top Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

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In this modern world of cut-throat competition where technology is king, thousands of mobile applications are developed every day. Our dependence on smartphones has made mobile app development one of the fastest-growing industries in the tech world, and businesses are investing heavily in it to stay ahead of competitors.

What is a cross-platform app framework?

It’s a framework created by developers to develop mobile apps that can seamlessly run and operate on multiple platforms (Android, iOS) but with a similar code-base.

Why develop a cross-platform app?

By choosing cross-platform for mobile app development services, you can diminish costs and save time without compromising on application quality.

Top Cross-Platform Frameworks to Consider:

  • Flutter (Developed by Google)
  • React Native (Developed by Facebook)
  • Ionic
  • Xamarin (Owned & maintained by Microsoft)
  • Adobe PhoneGap (Created by Adobe)
cross platform app development benefits

Benefits of cross-platform app development:

Code Reusability

Developers can utilize the same code again and again. Instead of creating new codes each time an application is developed in a particular platform, the same code can be used for all the platforms. This saves resources and time as well as abolishes the hassle of creating a new code every time, thus making the process of app development easier and smoother.

Plug-ins are Easily Accessible

Perhaps the best advantage of cross-platform is that you can get easy access to the modules that will, in turn, improve the whole process of app development. Many technologies like PhoneGap and Appcelerator could be utilized for getting to the plug-ins very easily. For example, API could be used on different modifications and platforms could be integrated very quickly without any issue.


For most businesses, choosing cross-platform app development has proved to be very reasonable. Many business owners and entrepreneurs can now invest in getting their applications developed through the cross-platform mode. The code is produced just once after which the developers could easily utilize it for different platforms. Moreover, the primary code can be reused for all the cross-platform apps that support OS.

Faster App Development

As already mentioned in the previous point, building up a cross-platform app doesn't require multiple coding processes, hence it takes lesser time to develop. Once the code is developed, it can be easily utilized to create an application for both Android and iOS.

Without a doubt, it is quick to develop an app when there is a single provided script. The product gets designed rapidly, consequently getting a chance to get inside the market more sooner than actually expected.

Good Choice For Prototyping

Smart business owners start with prototyping before launching their final product. App developers work on the product to make sure that the product is developed fast. This, on one hand, provides you an opportunity to get feedback about your mobile app from the customers.

Once you congregate all the feedback from your users, you get another chance to rectify the errors and include more advanced features to bring in more customers.

Ready to develop your app using cross-platform frameworks?

You will be amazed to know that a myriad number of mobile app development companies all across the globe are choosing cross-platform to making the process of app development easier and faster. If you want your next app development project to excel through the cross-platform process, then you can contact a leading and reputed mobile app development company like Xongolab.

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