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Business Game Plan to Develop a Multi-Services App Like Gojek

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The need for mobile applications is constantly prospering because these tend to instantly meet the needs and wants of the customers. There are various types of mobile applications, each having distinct purposes like booking cabs and doctor appointments, ordering food, buying groceries and medicines, making digital payments, etc. When mobile applications were launched into the market, these were only capable of providing one service from every single mobile application. People have different mobile applications for different services. This affects the performance of their mobile phone. But, the game has changed now as technology & development have entered into the field of multi-service app development, applications are getting remodeled every day.

Have you ever given it a thought to what if there is a single app that provides multiple on demand services? An Indonesian entrepreneur named Nadeiam Markarim introduced a multi-service app, a one-stop app platform, called 'Gojek.' It was launched in 2015 with an entirely unique business and revenue model. It provides services like bike rental, cab booking, packing and moving, GoFitness (exercise classes), GoSure insurance, GoPay for making digital payments, GoInvestasi, home delivery of medicines and groceries, online shopping from malls, food delivery, etc.

gojek clone app

There are endless advantages of multi-service apps also known as Super apps to follow:

  • A larger audience is a part of this app as compared to a single services app which means more revenue will be generated out of it.
  • The owners of the apps get an added advantage to channel the revenue and business in an efficient way.
  • People use mass-marketing in traditional market strategy in order to increase customer engagement whereas, in digital marketing, this is achieved through these applications.
  • The super apps act as a one-stop platform and provide a wide range of services according to the customer's convenience.
  • Super apps are very much compatible with network traffic because these are built keeping in mind the increasing demand of the customers.
  • The revenue generated by these super apps will always be several times higher than single service applications.
  • Customers need not download multiple applications for every other service. This eases the functioning of the mobile because only a single application is needed to be downloaded in order to avail of any service.
  • Customers get to choose from an extensive range of options for services.

In order to develop an app like Gojek, it should have all the on-demand services in it. Building an application that is similar to Gojek is referred to as Gojek Clone App. Due to the success of Gojek, people are eager to invest in multi-service app development for starting up a business. Gojek clone script is a customized, full-fledged readymade solution for the on-demand multi-services. Getting a robust app like the Gojek clone app from the leading mobile app development company helps a business in integrating all on-demand service offering under one roof. If you are a newbie in the market of multi-service app development and planning to develop app like Gojek then in the following section, we will discuss the business strategies involved in building Gojek clone app:

Conducting detailed market research

In order to develop a niche in the on-demand market, the requirement of the Gojek clone script should be identified by analyzing the business goals and the current market needs. With extensive market research, a start-up should learn about the target audience, understand the situation of the current market and future probabilities, identify the different competitors and their strategies in the market. So, go through the ongoing market, technology and take many new unique ideas to develop app like Gojek.

Business Model

It is very important for a start-up to define a business model which would not only meet the market requirements and customer needs but would also fit into the right budget. For instance, Gojek uses a three-dimensional business model which connects the customers, delivery persons, and service providers. First of all, the service request is sent by the customers, then that request is mapped by the service providers and lastly, after the service is ready, it is delivered to the customer via delivery persons. There are different business models to follow out of which some important ones are Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer (B2C), and Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C). So in order to develop app like Gojek, it is crucial to choose a well-planned business model to stand out in the market.

App development

If a start-up wants to develop a successful app providing on-demand multiple services in the market, it is important to choose the right app development platform for building the app. If a Gojek clone app is analyzed, one has to go in-depth of everything because it is based on multi-service app development. App development plays a vital role in any business because through this only, the interface, features, functionalities are defined which helps in deciding the user base. Technologies that are advised to be used in easy app development are React Native, Flutter, Native script, Xamarin, etc.

Hire developers, service providers, and delivery persons

Hiring various team members for a Gojek clone app project is equally important as hiring the delivery persons and service providers. For launching an application on iOS or Android, mobile developers, UI/UX designers, digital marketing specialists, finance managers, business analysts, QA testers, technical support executives, relationship managers, and project managers all are required in the process.

Features to be considered while designing the app

The design of an application is the first thing that customers notice. A good UI/UX design, a creative brand name, and a logo all are important factors to create visibility. Always try to minimize the complexity of an app which results in an easy development process. The common features that it should include are selecting a service, real-time tracking, push notifications, pick-up, and drop, cancel and reschedule the bookings, multiple payment options, feedback and ratings, customer support team, etc.

Constant technical support

As an on-demand multiple service app is not a basic app, it will require round-the-clock technical support such as debugging the issues, ongoing maintenance services, and updation of features and software accordingly. The overall user experience and security should be properly checked.

Final Thoughts

Multi-demand service apps are a big hit in the digital market because through this platform, the customers get an exceptional level of convenience as they don't need to download different applications and waste their time in availing the services from there. Applications like Gojek provide a wonderful all-in-one solution where all the requirements of the customers can be easily identified and thus fulfilled.

New entrepreneurs can make their on-demand business a huge success in the market because of its flexible operational model through which new services can be updated as time or the market demands. One just has to make a smart move and choose wise development parameters in order to excel in the organizational objectives.

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