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Benefits of React Native as Cross-Platform App Development

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Cross-platform app development is inclining in the developer's network, it saves development time, offers a cutting edge approach, and significantly more bit of leeway of delivering a similar yield. React Native is the best for cross-platform app development, it is most utilized by the developer and picked up prevalence by its amazing features. The major advantage of using React Native is code once and use it for any working framework. If a developer wants to build up an Android app and code for it, then a similar code can be used in creating an iOS app. Continue reading to know the benefits of React Native as cross-platform app development.

Benefits of React Native App Development as Cross-Platform

Hot Reload

This is a special feature of React Native. It allows developers to revive the app moment while developing. It can lift development time by reloading the app consequently when code change. Hot reload helps in the live following of all the ongoing changes made by a developer. Additionally, it vouches for changes on the developer side by the invigorating app consequently and gets constant information for users on the application. It provides updated UI content and design content while developers make changes in code or content.

Reusability of Code

React Native relies on a slogan “Code once and use all over” that implies developers don’t need to code iOS & Android application separately, simply code one time and they can reuse 90% of the code on different platforms. React Native additionally offers a pre-stacked part that causes the developer to utilize regular elements without redeveloping them. This intriguing component reduces the development time and enables the developer to focus more on the iPhone app development services.


React Native is open-source which makes it available for free. Its code re-usability feature makes the overall cost of mobile app development low. Furthermore, if you want to hire react native developers, you don't need to hire separate Android and iOS app developers.

Allow Third-Party Plugins

The most framework doesn’t allow outsider modules for security issues however React Native allows developers to include outsider modules. It essentially means the React Native platform is flexible with customization. Extra modules offer simple and easy to use User Interfaces. Facebook developed React Native for individual use but after certain years FB makes it an open-source. Mainly outsider help through API or modules.

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Why React Native Ideal For Cross-Platform App Development

  • Offer more stable app
  • Modular architecture
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Optimal performance
  • Clean and better coding
  • Pre-loaded elements
  • Flexible development

Top Companies That Use React Native

  • Facebook
  • Walmart
  • Instagram
  • Bloomberg
  • SoundCloud

To sum up

React Native has gained huge popularity and growth in recent years. If you are considering to get an app developed for your business, then you should opt for React Native development services. To create an appealing cross-platform app, and quickly enter the market, React Native is the ideal platform to rely on. If you want to develop a hybrid app with native-like capabilities that imparts a stable, robust & optimum performance with the ultimate level of user experience, then they should hire react native developers.

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